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Pierre Boucher alias Le Capteur D'Images

Pierre Boucher, aka Le Capteur D'Images

Photography was, as for many, a reality of my childhood. My parents had a camera, a small box in which many of my memories have been captured.

As a young adult, I too had my little box to take pictures, more sophisticated than my parent's, but still used to immortalize precious moments. My life partner also shared this activity during weekends in our early years, which included some darkroom work.

​ And then nothing.


The birth of our son made me reconnect with photography, digital this time. Few megapixels, but many beautiful memories. A lot of them.

And the passion gradually returned.

Cameras, lenses, flashes, studio equipment and then training, reading and learning, from shooting to postproduction on the computer. A passion in its simplest form.

It is therefore with a passionate photographer that you will have the pleasure of sharing a few minutes or a few hours to bring your projects to life.

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Portraits corporatif Montréal

Photographe mariage Montréal

Photographe événements Montréal

photographe dans le grand Montréal

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